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Dabgerous Goods (DG)

About the course

The main objective of  the Dangerous  Goods  Course is  to provide the  trainees with  the  knowledge and understanding of dangerous goods , their potential hazards and familiarize them with the emergency procedures applicable to the  transport of dangerous goods by air according to ICAO T.I /IATA  DG REGULATIONS/ICAO EMERGENCY RESPONSE  GUIDANCE  DOC 9481/AN928.

Who should attend

  • Shippers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Ground Operator Handling Agents
  • Cabin Crew
  • Flight Crew Cargo Operators
  • Passenger Handling Personnel
  • Security Scanning Personnel

Course Categories

The Dangerous Goods Training Course contents are according to OPS 1 Subpart R 1.1220. Checking is according to OPS Subpart R 1.1220 (d). Hats provides the Dangerous Goods Training in the following categories:

  • Category 1: Shippers
  • Category 3: Freight Forwarders
  • Category 6: Ground Operator Handling Agent
  • Category 9: Cabin Crew
  • Category 10: Flight Crew Cargo Operators
  • Category 11: Passenger Handling Personnel
  • Category 12: Security Scanning Personnel

Course Description

The Dangerous Goods Training Course is a combination of theoretical classroom instruction  practical training and actual handling of dangerous goods equipment covering the following training elements:

  • General  Philosophy
  • Limitations
  • Labelling and  marking
  • Recognition of  undeclared dangerous goods
  • Provisions  for passengers and  crew
  • Emergency procedures
  • JAA/EU-OPS 1
  • JAA/EU-OPS 3
  • ICAO  Doc  9284
  • ICAO  Doc 9481-AN /928

The duration of the Dangerous Goods Course is six days.