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About the course

The TRE (A) / SFE (A) Course is conducted only under the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority authorization. Both the theoretical and the practical observation of simulator training from an HCAA inspector can be provided only after approval from the HCAA.

TRE (A) / SFE (A) – Course Entry Requirements

In order to en-roll to the TRE (A) / SFE (A) Course the applicant should:

  • Successfully complete the TRI / SFI Course
  • Have at least 1500 hours of flight experience on multi – pilot aircraft
  • Have at least 500 hours of flight experience  as PIC on multi – pilot aircraft
  • Any other requirement stated by the authority
  • Display above handling skills 
  • Have the ability to completely demonstrate all flight manoeuvres within the flight envelope


For the TRE authorization, the applicant should also hold 200 hours of flight experience as PIC on the relevant aircraft type.

TRE (A) / SFE(A) – Training Course Structure

Theoretical Training:

  • Theory: 1 day

Theoretical Training:

  • 2 days including role played proficiency checks and skill tests

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