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About the course

The Quality Systems Course prepares the future auditors to conduct consistent audits and drive continuous improvement. The trainees will learn about the audit process through a breakdown of its stages: the audit scope, objectives, follow-up and closing; and practice using techniques that deliver objective, measurable results.

This course provides 40 hours of instruction delivered by an official Quality System Instructor.

Who should attend

Future Auditors
Quality, safety and operations managers
Recently appointed internal auditors

Course Categories

The Dangerous Goods Training Course contents are according to OPS 1 Subpart R 1.1220. Checking is according to OPS Subpart R 1.1220 (d). Hats provides the Dangerous Goods Training in the following categories:

  • Category 1: Shippers
  • Category 3: Freight Forwarders
  • Category 6: Ground Operator Handling Agent
  • Category 9: Cabin Crew
  • Category 10: Flight Crew Cargo Operators
  • Category 11: Passenger Handling Personnel
  • Category 12: Security Scanning Personnel

Aspects Covered

  • The Quality System Course teaches the applicants to:
  • Develop an audit program
  • Apply the principles of auditing
  • Plan an internal audit and involve the right people in your organization
  • Describe the regulatory requirements for an internal audit and conduct an audit that fulfills these requirements
  • Evaluate the implementation of a corrective action plan and conduct a follow up
  • Close an audit following corporate policies

Course Content

  • Audit programs
    • Establishing and implementing an audit program
    • Monitoring and improving an audit program
  • Audit planning steps
    • Defining scope and objectives
    • Developing checklists
    • Selecting an audit team
  • Performing a document review
  • Audit methods and techniques
  • Audit conduct
    • Gathering evidence and analyzing findings
  • Reporting results and conducting a follow-up
  • Regulatory agencies: laws, regulations and audit requirements
    • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
    • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
    • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
    • ISO 19011:2011