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Career Orientation
The Career Orientation Course is designed to give candidates the necessary skills to successfully begin their career in the aviation industry. This module focuses on C.V. preparation, interview techniques and all the tips needed to successfully begin a career in the aviation industry.

Service Training

This Cabin Crew Training Course is designed and delivered by cabin crew service and training experts. It covers a range of topics designed to give participants the knowledge and skills to develop their competencies in VIP / First Class & economy service on-board an aircraft.

Rules of Etiquette
The Rules of Etiquette Course refers to certain behavioral patterns, how a flight attendant can be polite and at the same time maintain her / his decorum. It focuses on the person’s appearance, behavior, social graces and personality. It will help the crew members  to project themselves in a corporate setting through social graces and etiquette. It aims at helping participants to project a confident, professional and “polished” image.

Make up, Beauty and Health Tips
The Make Up, Beauty and Health Tips Course is designed and delivered by professional make-up artists, who will instruct participants on exclusive make up and beauty tips.