Saturday, March 25, 2023

Renewals – Revalidations

The TRE (A) / SFE (A) Course is conducted only under the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority authorization. Both the theoretical and the practical observation of simulator training from an HCAA inspector can be provided only after approval from the HCAA.


The Revalidation of a Type Rating consists of a License Proficiency Check in the simulator within 3 months preceding the expiry date of the Type Rating. During the period of validity of the Type Rating the applicants should log at least 10 route sectors as pilots of the relevant type of aeroplane or have logged at least 1 route sector as pilot of the relevant type of aeroplane on a Full Flight Simulator, flown with an examiner.




The Renewal of a Type rating is conducted only after the Type Rating has expired and it consists of a Refresher Training and a License Proficiency Check in the simulator. The type of the Refresher training prior to the LPC depends on the date of expiration of the Type Rating and the applicants’ experience. A minimum of three sessions of Refresher Training is offered consisting of Theoretical and Practical part.